Sandra D Knight

My name is Sandra Knight and I live in Texas with my awesome husband of nearly 30 years. We are die hard Cowboys fans on Sunday and a house divided (Aggies-me; Texas-husband) on Saturdays. I love reading most types of fiction, spending time with family and helping others.

I found my writing passion with a fantastic course called Fearless Freelance Writing. I learned to take the desire I have for writing, mix it with things I know best and begin moving toward my dream of writing for a living after I retire from my full-time career.

I will provide helpful tips, different practices and life experiences that might resonate with anyone who has a desire to tell their own great stories to help you find your own writing passion.

Share in the antics and adventures and ups and downs of my family and friends!

My expectation is there will be stories to make you laugh with me or at me, experiences where you shake your head because it has happened to you and nostalgia that evokes a memory and brings you a smile or a tear.

Come by each Tuesday and check out Sandra’s Stories. I would love to hear your story so feel free to leave a comment.